The best lenses for the Canon 80D DSLR

Your Canon 80D needs a lens that is good both for shooting both stills and classic videos. For its output to be classic, therefore its lens needs to be classic too, advanced and of the highest quality. Therefore these are three best lenses for Canon 80D DSLR you can rely on for any occasion.

Canon 80D best lenses

Sigma 18-35mmf 1.8 DC HSM

This is an advanced lens by the stigma designs. The lens has wide open aperture; which helps to pass light necessary in sharpening and increasing visibility of the photo taken.

Always compatible with Canon EF mount systems. Its resolution is very high with a sharpness megapixels of 16 on the EOS 80D hence getting out photos with the maximum sharpness even when shot at wide open areas. The lens has little distortion and has no chromatic aberrations

Canon EF-S 24mmf/2.8STM lens

This lens is not that much expensive but it’s of high quality. It’s very sharp and many categorize it in the class of pancake lenses for its thinness but believe its capability.

With a maximum aperture of f/2.8 which helps in shooting at places with low lights and more so fields with shallow addition, the lens has a wide open aperture that allows one to use a fast shutter speed when photo shooting and also reduces the noise made when taking photos.

Lastly, the lens has full-time manual focusing override which allows for constant manual focusing even when the autofocusing is also engaged.

Tokina AT-X 14-20mmf/2 Pro DX Lens

Designed by Tokina, the lens has a maximum aperture of f/2. Thus quite good for a variety of imagery including in landscapes and events like wedding shows. The best thing with this lens is that they have a wide angle.

As you all know wide angled lenses are the best when it comes to video shooting, by giving a bigger perspective of the scene. In addition, the wide angle shows the background in the right perspective

Now with full confidence, I can assure you of the best photo or video shoot with your Canon 80D DSLR.

Canon 80D bundle

Make an appointment of having one of these lenses and you will never regret. If you don’t have the Canon 80D camera yet you should consider the bundle as it comes with lenses and other necessary accessories.